Choosing Custom Blinds for Homes

Choosing Custom Blinds for Homes in West Fargo, North Dakota (ND) like Aluminum for Living Rooms

Blinds are a great way to redecorate your home. You will absolutely love the options we have for you to choose from for your West Fargo, North Dakota home. Stop by The Little Blind Shop for help with choosing custom blinds for homes.

When it comes to choosing custom blinds for homes in West Fargo, North Dakota, you want to make sure they are going to last. Window treatments are a great example of a “you get what you pay for” situation. You are going to be paying more for custom window treatments than you would pay for store-bought, ready-made blinds. Because of this, you can expect that they are going to last a whole lot longer than many other window treatments.

Once you have determined whether you need horizontal blinds or vertical blinds, you then have to decide what material of blinds you are wanting for your home. This is very important, as each material has its own pros and cons. Whether you are purchasing horizontal or vertical blinds, you have quite a few material options to choose from.

These options can include:

  • Aluminum Blinds
  • Faux Wood Blinds
  • Wood Blinds
  • Vinyl Blinds
  • Fabric Blinds

Aluminum is a very popular and traditional material for custom blinds. They are known for being versatile and durable, as well as quite economical. They are an opaque material, so when they are completely closed, they offer quite a bit of light control and privacy. You also have the option of opening them completely or you can turn the slats so that they redirect and still limit the amount of light that is allowed in.

Even among custom treatments, wood blinds are going to last a while compared to some other window treatments. Wood lasts for many years and will continue to look beautiful for many years to come. Another thing that is great about wood blinds is that they are lightweight compared to faux wood. You may not realize it, but faux materials are much heavier, meaning they will put much more strain on your windows causing them to deteriorate sooner. Plus, if you have children that may be operating your window treatments, they will have a much easier time operating a lighter window treatment. The same is true for older adults.

Alternative wood blinds, on the other hand, are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because they are resistant to heat and humidity. They can also be painted in a solid color or stained to look like real wood. Our EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds are guaranteed never to bow, yellow, or warp, so they’ll look great for years to come.

Fabric blinds are very common for vertical blinds, especially. They create a very sleek and modern look that is common in offices and homes. They are great for blocking out light and creating simple elegance in any space.

To see all of these amazing products in person, come visit us here at The Little Blind Shop. Our showroom is located in Fargo, North Dakota in the Osgood Town Square Village and features a variety of full-size Hunter Douglas products on display that you can view, interact with, and operate. This allows to you really see how they will work in your own space and further help you in your decision. In addition to our showroom, we also offer free on-site consultations where our talented designers will bring our showroom to you so that you can shop in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for amazing window treatments in Fargo, West Fargo, Wahpeton, ND, or Moorhead or Detroit Lakes, MN, then we can help!